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Dog Training Services!

Canine Compassion GP is thrilled to announce its newest service - dog training! Your trusted trainer understands that each dog is unique and requires a tailored approach to training. Diving into the world of behaviour modification, these training services provide personalized attention and effective techniques to help your dog grow and learn. 

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Tailored, Quality Care for Your Pets

Every pet is unique, requiring different things to best meet their needs. Fortunately, whether you require quick drop-ins, exercise, training, or overnight care for your pets, Canine Compassion GP has it covered! From young puppies and healthy dogs in their prime, to senior animals and those with special/medical needs, you can expect them to be cared for with love and experience.

Classic Services

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Neighbourhood Walks

All dogs can benefit from a walk outdoors and sometimes it can very well be the highlight of their day! They will get to explore at their pace, sniffing and taking in their surroundings comfortably.

Adventure Walks

We are blessed to live in an area with so much forest and nature to explore. Let your dog venture outside of the concrete jungle and send them out with an experienced, prepared hiking guide!

Daytime Drop-in

Drop-in services are great for those who are gone just a tad too long during the day. Your pup will get a bathroom break and some one-on-one play time (if they desire).

Overnight In-Home Care

If your dog isn't a fan of staying at a kennel while you're away for extended periods of time, let them stay in the comfort of their own home while being taken care of.

Bi-Weekly Yard Waste Removal

With this service, you can enjoy a clean and hygienic yard for your pets without having to lift a finger. CCGP will come to your home every two weeks to remove all pet waste, leaving your yard looking good as new!

Specialty Services

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6-Week Day Train Program

From small obedience issues to more severe behaviour problems, CCGP can help your dog become the best version of themselves.The Day Train Program runs for 6 weeks, giving you ample time to see improvements in your dog's behavior. No matter the age, breed, or problems that your dog has, all dogs will benefit from this service!

Store Socialization Training

Dog training is anything but boring when your dog is partaking in Store Socialization Training! Sessions are held in pet-friendly public environments, ensuring that dogs are well-equipped to behave in different situations. Send your dog on a field trip they're guaranteed to enjoy!

Coming Soon!

Springtime Yard Cleanup

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the colorful flowers and greenery after the long winter season is over. Make sure your yard is clean and free from any waste left behind by your pets from the winter months with the Springtime Yard Cleanup service! CCGP takes care of the cleanup for you, so you can relax and enjoy the fresh air with your pets.

Client Testimonials

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"Canine Compassion GP is always my #1 choice for any kind of dog care I need for my two large breed dogs.

Jess is not only extremely competent with handling the dogs in any situation, she also truly cares for and loves them.

My heart rests SO easy knowing she is taking care of my dogs. 100% trust is hard to find, but I have it in Jess 😊"

Anne Butters

Social Media Presence

Canine Compassion GP understands the importance of staying connected with clients and pet lovers through social media. Regularly posted updates about day-to-day services can be found in Stories on both Instagram and Facebook! As well, helpful tips and advice for pet owners, and features of the pets CCGP cares for, are highlighted in both social media feeds. Be sure to follow along to stay in the loop to get the latest news about CCGP's endeavours (and to see some pretty cute pet pics, too)!

Live Instagram & Facebook Feeds

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Canine Compassion GP is fully licensed, insured, and pet first aid certified.

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