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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new clients?

At this time, no new clients are being onboarded. 

Submitting a service request form is still encouraged, as those who do are the first to be considered when openings to onboard new clients for regular services and training services become available. If your service request is time sensitive, please reach out to other service providers in area because I do not have the foresight to say when my availability will open back up for new clients.

Do you take pets into your household? (ie. daycare, boarding, etc.)

The short answer is never.

My heart dog, Asuma, is reactive to other dogs and his home is his safe space. We have come very far with counter-conditioning his reactivity, but I do not feel comfortable involving clients' pets on his training journey.

Do you care for special needs/senior pets?

Some of my first experiences as a teenager revolved around caring for senior dogs! Over the years, I have gained knowledge and skills about administering various types of medications, such as oral pills, ear drops/wash, eye drops, and topical substances.

I do not have experience administering injections. If you feel comfortable teaching me firsthand how to do so (step-by-step) with your pet, then I am comfortable making an attempt to learn. If I do not feel that I can administer it without complications, then I will communicate that openly and honestly.

Do you take care of animals other than dogs?

Absolutely! The main three animals I care for are dogs, cats, and bunnies, but I have love for them all (I'd need to seriously think on it if you have a tarantula though 😅).

Growing up, I spent as much of my time as possible around horses, so there's no counting an animal out due to their size! When I wasn't at riding lessons, very hands-on horse camps, or volunteering at PARDS, I was reading books about different breeds and types of tack.

I like to say that as long as I'm given detailed care information and instructions, there's no animal I won't take care of.

Do you offer dog training?

I often get stopped on the street by people driving past while I'm out on walks because they want to know if I'm a dog trainer. I tend to assume it's because the average person walking their dog does not wear half the amount of gear and equipment that I do, so I "must be doing something special." 😂

I DO offer training services in the form of my 6-Week Day Train Program. This program is suitable for all dogs, no matter their, size, breed, age, or issues. I am working hard to be able to offer training in different formats in the future.

I want my dog(s) to be included in my engagement/wedding photos but don't know what to do with them throughout the whole session. Can you help?

I would be honoured to help manage your dogs so that they can be included in your special photos! I've been hired for multiple completed engagement shoots and weddings that have yet to come!

A convenient system is having your dogs included in the picture taking at the beginning of your photoshoot, then parting ways once you've gotten the footage you need so that the dogs can go unwind on an adventure around the area during the remainder of your session. No matter the game plan, I will keep your hands free by being there to help as your dog's designated handler!

Still looking for a wedding photographer? Handling dogs for clients who booked their photoshoots with Kayla Lynn Photography has been a pleasure of mine every time!

Still looking for a wedding officiant? Contact Life-Cycle Celebrant & Rev. Holly Galbraith of Silver Peace Ceremonies for a personalized experience that you will cherish for the rest of your lives ♡


Don't see the answer to your question? Ask below!

Thanks for submitting! I look forward to providing the information you are looking for!

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