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Canine Compassion GP
Classic Services


Price List

Single Dog:

$40*/30 mins

$58*/60 mins

(Single dog: one dog, all ages included. Extra charges may apply if training is the main focus during walks- to be discussed with CCGP handler.)

(Rates for additional dogs can be found at the bottom of this page.)

Neighbourhood Walks

No matter your pup's age, they can benefit from a walk outside in their neighbourhood. These walks are offered at 30 or 60 minutes, depending on what length of time will be sufficient enough to satisfy your pup needs.

With the handler, they will get to explore the outdoors at their pace, sniffing and taking in their surroundings comfortably. This ensures that they get both physical and mental stimulation during their walks!

Even if your dog is a puller, an overly excited walker, or reactive to other dogs, Canine Compassion GP is experienced and has the confidence to handle them all. On walks, your dog has the handler's full and undivided attention so that their behaviour can be worked through together.

There are plenty of opportunities for fun enrichment in the neighbourhood that go unnoticed by many:

  • Kids playing in the schoolyard during recesses can be used as practice to socialize safely around the screaming, running children (this is always done while working on the opposite side of the street, so as to respect everyone's spaces).

  • Unattended playgrounds are chalk full of equipment to do things as simple as exposing your dog to various, odd surfaces, to practicing their parkour skills!

  • Lush grass and foliage make for the prime environment to hide treats in that your dog needs to use their nose to sniff out. The more your dog succeeds, the sharper their nose becomes, which all helps to increase the amount of confidence they have in themselves and their decision making.

** Dogs are not permitted to greet strangers (both humans and dogs) while in Canine Compassion GP's care because they are uncontrolled variables whom the actions of are unpredictable. It's great if your dog is friendly and loves getting pets from children in the neighbourhood, but your dog's space will always be advocated for. It might seem extreme to owners who have never even seen their dog hurt a fly before, but if a child decided to spontaneously pull on your dog's ear and they nipped the air to communicate their discomfort, Canine Compassion GP would be responsible for a situation that could have actively been avoided. **

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Price List

(Private = Dogs from the same household)

(Group = Dogs from multiple households)

Private Adventure Walk: $165*

(2 hours - includes drive time. Price includes 2 dogs from same household)​

Group Adventure Walk: $80*

(Guaranteed 1.5 hours out of car. Price includes 1 dog from same household)

Additional Dog: $20*

(Same household)​

Adventure Walks

All dogs deserve the opportunity to just be dogs and Adventure Walks are the way to do it!


They will get picked up from their home, driven to an awesome location (usually a locally known area with trails), and have the opportunity to explore the wilderness.

There are many benefits to touring throughout nature, as opposed to the neighbourhood, and the main ones revolve around privacy and sniffing! First and foremost, sniffing is a dog's way of gathering information about their surroundings. Aside from it being the way dogs "see" the world, sniffing is relaxing, lowers their stress levels and heart rates, satisfies instinctual behaviour, and allows the dog to make their own decisions (which contributes to increasing their self-confidence!). The forest is the ultimate goldmine for scents, so your dog's nose will be busy working nonstop!


With more freedom to venture, dogs can roam at whatever pace they desire and take a break from the bustling distractions that are found inside the city. Not being restricted to the average 6-foot radius, dogs can stretch their legs and exercise their natural gait. This is especially important for large breeds, who are impacted the most by short leash lengths.

(To get a better understanding, think of this example that's on a more extreme level: containing your dog in a crate 24 hours a day- literally. Doing that would negatively impact their physical stature because they would be unable to stretch their bodies out into a form that allows loose, natural posture.)

Dogs will only be granted off-leash privileges after they have proven their recalls are solid enough in various situations (ie. when there are people/dogs/wildlife in view, while they are exploring or playing, etc.). A heads up giving a general idea about how dependable (or not) their recalls are is always appreciated, but the decision ultimately lies on their ability to show Canine Compassion GP that they can be trusted. 

There's no need to worry if your dog being off-leash just isn't the responsible thing to do at the moment- that's what long lines are for! Sturdy biothane long lines are a staple in Canine Compassion GP's inventory and on hikes, your dog will still have an astounding 33 feet to roam before there's any tension in the leash!

Adventure Walks are suitable for dogs with any kind of behaviour, including reactivity, (ie. dogs, people, cars, etc.) anxiety, or even a general lack of self-confidence. Being friendly with other dogs is not mandatory to book your dog(s) in for a hike, as there is the Private option to choose for them!

If your dog is a social butterfly, set up an excursion for them and their dog friends so they can explore, play, and have fun in the woods under the supervision of an experienced handler. Dogs from separate client households will be matched appropriately based on personality, play style, size, etc. when requesting Group hikes.

** Dogs must be at least 1 year of age to participate in Adventure Walks. Puppies who partake in an excessive amount of activity have the potential to damage their growth plates if they aren't developed enough. "1 year" is a general benchmark because small breed dogs can become fully developed quicker, and large breed dogs later, than that. Dogs who are younger than 1 year old can only participate in Adventure Walks if they have consent from a certified veterinarian that they are allowed to go for 2 hour long hikes. **

** All dogs participating in Group Adventure Walks must be in good health (not carrying any contagious illnesses or diseases) and must be up-to-date on all routine vaccinations. **


Daytime Drop-ins

Drop-in services are great for those who are gone just a tad too long during the day. Many people in Grande Prairie work long days as healthcare workers, educators, or oilfield employees, so drop-ins are a very popular service!


During the visit, your pup is guaranteed the chance to have a bathroom break and some one-on-one attention for up to 20 minutes. Whatever they enjoy, whether it's playing with toys, exercising their brain working on new tricks, or spending time lounging in the yard, drop-ins will satisfy your dog's desires.

If you're gone for an extensive amount of time during the day, there are several options to choose from to make sure your dog is visited enough until you get home.

Price List

(Flat rate includes any age and amount of pets in the household)

1 Daily Drop-in:

2 Daily Drop-ins:

3 Daily Drop-ins:





Overnight In-Home Care

If your dog isn't a fan of staying at a kennel while you're away for extended periods of time, let them stay in the comfort of their own home while they are taken care of. This service is tailor-made for dogs who have separation anxiety, don't do well around other dogs, or are overall fearful of the loud, echoing environment of kennels.

Overnight care is also suitable for people who have exotic pets, since there aren't commercial boarding services for them. There is no pet too big or too small, Canine Compassion GP cares for them all!

Having a professional caretaker staying in your home also means that you don't have to make extra arrangements for friends or family to stop by every other day for insurance/rental agreement purposes. Grande Prairie is known for its freezing winter cold snaps, suffocating summer heat waves, flashes of heavy rain, and strong, stripping winds, so your mind can stay at ease knowing that someone is actively watching over the condition of your home through it all.

** Please be honest about how long your pet can be home alone during the day. If you say they aren't capable of being home alone for more than 3 hours but are actually okay for up to 6, then I will end up not being able to complete regular services for clients when I actually could- easily. If you say they are okay for up to 8 hours but then they are consistently having accidents in the home after only 3 hours by themselves, I will have to charge an additional fee for inevitable cleaning throughout the duration of my stay. **

Overnight Care (Package 3): $250/night

(Pets are only capable of being home alone for up to 2-4 hours. Client must book with no less than 1 month's notice. Please understand that this rate is to compensate for the regular services I will have to postpone due to not having a sufficient amount time to complete them in between caring for your pets in their home.)

Price List

(All package prices include up to 2 pets. If a household has more than 2, additional charges will apply.)

Overnight Care (Package 1): $75/night

(All pets are capable of being home alone for up to 8-12 hours.)​

Overnight Care (Package 2): $125/night

(All pets are capable of being home alone for up to 4-8 hours.)​


Price List

$35*/30 mins

$45*/60 mins

Bi-Weekly Yard Waste Removal

(Available for pre-existing clients only)

(Pre-existing client or not, if you are looking for a complete Spring Yard Cleanup, join the waitlist here!)

Keep your yard maintained even after the Big Spring Clean! You'll be able to enjoy spending time in your backyard throughout the summer without trying to step around your dog's landmines.

Cleans will be conducted bi-weekly, unless a weekly agreement has been discussed (it is understood that those who own multiple large breed dogs and/or have little square footage of yard space might not be able to wait two weeks between cleans).

All equipment to perform waste removal will be provided- the only thing needed from you is access to the yard!

** Regular yard cleans are a minimum of half an hour. If longer than that, it falls under 1 hour. However, 1.5 hours would not cost ($45 + $35), it is calculated as (($45 + ($45 ÷ 2)), so $67.50 total, not $80. **

Additional Costs

Additional Dog (Adult)


Applicable for Neighbourhood Walks and Overnight In-Home Care, any adult dog or pet (ie. cat, bunny, etc.) after the first.

Ex. Two adult dogs on a 1 hour neighbourhood walk = ($58 + $8)

Ex. Overnight care for one adult dog and two cats  = ($75 + $8)

Additional Dog (Puppy)


Applicable for Neighbourhood Walks and Overnight In-Home Care, to any puppy after the first dog/pet.

Ex. Two puppies on a 1/2 hour neighbourhood walk = ($40 + $12)

Ex. Overnight care for one adult dog, one cat, and one puppy = ($75 + $12)

Meet & Greet (up to 30 minutes)


It's always encouraged to book a meet and greet prior to the first service. This is especially recommended for pets who are anxious about meeting strangers or having them enter their home. Meet & Greets are mandatory for all clients booking their dogs in for a 6-Week Day Train Program who have never received services from Canine Compassion GP before.

Overtime Fee


Overtime fees are applicable to any service performed outside of Canine Compassion GP's standard operating hours and are added to each service that falls within the designated "overtime hours." If the requested service is scheduled to start within standard operating hours but ends outside of them for any reason out of Canine Compassion GP's control (including at the request of the client), then overtime fees will be applicable (see Example 1 at bottom of column). In the context of 2 and 3 Daily Drop-in services, each physical drop-in is considered its own service (see Example 2 listed at bottom of column).

  • 12am-5:59am ($20*)

  • 6am-7:59am ($10*)

  • 8am-7:59pm (standard operating hours)

  • 8pm-9:59pm ($10*)

  • 10pm-12am ($20*)

Ex. 1a: Client requests a 1 hour Neighbourhood Walk to be scheduled for 7:30pm. A $10* overtime fee would apply to the total cost of the service because it would finish between the hours of 8pm-10pm.

Ex. 1b: Client requests a 1/2 hour Neighbourhood Walk to be scheduled for 7:30pm. A $10* overtime fee would apply to the total cost of the service because Canine Compassion GP would not be finished the walk and leaving the client's property before 8pm.

Ex. 2: Client requests 3 Daily Drop-ins. The first drop-in is scheduled for 7am (+ $10* overtime fee), the second at 2pm, and the third at 10pm (+ $20* overtime fee). The total cost of the 3 Daily Drop-ins that day would be $110.

Travel Fee


Travel fees are applicable to any service performed outside of general Grande Prairie city limits and are added to each day of service. For those who reside in the general area, rather than each listed town/hamlet specifically, a quote will be given upon submitting your booking request.

  • Clairmont ($10*)

  • Sexsmith ($20*)

  • Wembley ($20*)

  • Bezanson ($30*)

Holiday Fee


Fees are percentages multiplied by the total service cost of each day listed as a holiday:


  • Family Day (25%)


  • Good Friday to Easter Sunday (25%)


  • Victoria Day long weekend (Sat-Mon) (25%)


  • Canada Day + long weekend (July 1st + Fri-Sun) (25%)


  • August long weekend (Sat-Mon) (25%)


  • Labour Day long weekend (Sat-Mon) (25%)


  • Thanksgiving long weekend (Sat-Mon) (25%)


  • Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) (50%)

  • Christmas Day (Dec. 25th) (50%)

  • New Year's Eve (Dec. 31st) (50%)


  • New Year's Day (Jan. 1st) (50%)

* ​All prices are subject to GST of 5%. Accepted forms of payment are e-transfer, credit card, or bank transfer (which is like a reverse direct deposit). Credit card and bank transfers are subject to an additional 3% processing fee.

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