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Springtime Yard Cleanup

After helping out so many people in the Spring of 2022, Canine Compassion GP has established its waste cleanup service as an essential recurring service!

Please read the following to learn how to get in on this incredible deal!

Cleanups will begin once the majority of snow is gone from yards because chipping waste out of the ice takes twice as long, making the service cost a lot more for the client​ (which CCGP wants to avoid for you!).

Contact information will be collected via the waitlist application below and once the snow is not a hindrance, each person on the list will be reached out to in order.


A non-refundable deposit of 1 hour is required once the date/time of your yard clean is scheduled (NOT at the time of submitting a waitlist application). The deposit will go towards the cost of the completed service.


(Unfortunately, in the first Spring that this service was offered, a plethora of people canceled the day of the booking or even after the service provider already arrived at the service locations, so it took away from completing yards that actually needed to be done. Having a cancellation policy meant nothing to non-existent clients because they just ghosted, so that is why minimum 1 hour deposits are now a requirement.)

CCGP provides all of the equipment needed, all that is needed is access to the yard! CCGP is not responsible for off-site disposal once the yard is finished, but is more than willing to throw the bags into a grey, City provided garbage bin (or black County bin) at the end.

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Want a FREE yard clean this Spring?

Yard Clean Prices

Available only for the months of April & May.

Accepted forms of payment are e-transfer, credit card, or bank transfer (which is like a reverse direct deposit). Credit card and bank transfers are subject to an additional 3% processing fee.

Pre-Existing Clients


Pre-existing clients are defined as those who have booked any regular service (walks, hikes, drop-ins, overnight care, etc.) within the past 6 months. Pre-existing clients are also eligible for recurring bi-weekly yard cleans** to maintain it past springtime.

*Does not include GST
**Regular bi-weekly cleans are offered at different rates

Non-Existing Clients


Non-existing clients are those who have not booked any regular service (walks, hikes, drop-ins, overnight care) within the past 6 months. Having had your yard cleaned during a previous Springtime Yard Cleanup special does not qualify as being a pre-existing client.

*Does not include GST

Travel Fee

Varying Price*

Travel fees apply to any services conducted outside of general Grande Prairie city limits. It is a flat rate added to the final total, not added on per hour. A travel fee quote will be given when your waitlist application is responded to.

*GST will apply

All yards are charged at a minimum of 1 hour. If the service takes longer than 1 hour, charges apply in increments of 30 minutes.

Need your yard transformed? Fill out the form below!

Time of day/week that yard can be cleaned (Select all that apply)
What surface types does your yard have?

(There is a 3% processing fee for all credit card and bank transfer payments.)

How did you hear about CCGP's services?

Thanks for submitting your request! You will be contacted in the order that your form is received.

(You only need to submit ONE form- it HAS been received.)

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